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Eryx is the army's Short Range Anti-Armour Weapon (Heavy) or SRRAW (H). It is a portable system consisting of a firing post, which includes a day sight and thermal imager, a tripod, and the missile in a disposable launch tube. The Eryx is normally fired from a light weight tripod but can be fired with the missile launch shoulder resting on the soldier's shoulder.

The Eryx is operated by a two person crew, a gunner assisted by a loader. The Eryx provides the infantry section and the armoured reconnaissance assault troop with deadly accuracy and lethality to a 600 metre range. With its tandem high explosive shaped charge warhead, the Eryx can defeat the armour of all known tanks, including those protected by explosive reactive armour. It is also effective against fortified positions including bunkers, reinforced buildings and other earthworks.

The Mirabel Thermal Imaging sight allows the Eryx to operate under all weather and light conditions. The soft launch feature of the missile gives the system the flexibility to be fired in open ground, wooded areas and even from small rooms in buildings. The missile system can be carried by two soldiers or transported in any of the military's vehicles.

Training on the Eryx is conducted with the aid of computerized interactive simulators. The Eryx Video Interactive Gunnery System (EVIGS) is used to conduct the initial indoor simulated missile firing and the outdoor training is conducted with real vehicles as targets using the Eryx Precision Gunnery System (EPGS).

Armament: Missiles: Eryx tandem warhead HEAT Propulsion: 2 stage, solid propellant rocket motor Penetration: ERA + 900 millimetres of armour Rate of fire: 5 rounds in two minutes

Specifications: Length: 1.13 metres (missile in case) Range: 50 to 600 metres Crew: 2 (gunner and loader) Entered Service: 1996

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