Author Topic: Fmr CFS Shelburne sold to Yarmouth contractor  (Read 3704 times)

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Fmr CFS Shelburne sold to Yarmouth contractor
« on: November 25, 2011, 22:08:34 »
A Yarmouth man paid $125,000 Thursday for a vintage military facility with a tax assessment of over $2.8 million.

Roger Sullivan also has to pay $48,442.58 in back taxes along with HST and a 1.5 per cent municipal deed transfer tax for the former Canadian Forces Station Shelburne.

Sullivan bought the land and more than a dozen buildings at an auction held in a cavernous motion picture sound stage, which is what the property had become in recent years.

Sullivan, stepping out for some fresh air after his purchase, said he’d never done anything like it before.

"I own some woodlots," he said. "That’s about it."

He said he’s not a developer.

"I’m a contractor . . . marine construction."

His company, Tri-County Construction, builds wharfs.

Sullivan said he has no immediate plans for the property. When asked if he thought it was a good investment, he said: "When it was at $100,000, I thought it was. . . . Time will tell if it is or not. I’m not sure."

He said he was very surprised that only two or three bidders registered for the real estate portion of the auction. Anyone wishing to bid on real estate had to hand over a $100,000 bank draft before bidding.

Sullivan’s new property includes more than a dozen buildings, including a former military guardhouse, barracks, classrooms, garages, a sewage treatment plant and a huge, 33,200-square-foot building turned into a motion picture production centre.

The now defunct South West Shore Development Authority acquired CFS Shelburne in 1999 and sold it in 2008 to Seacoast Entertainment Arts Inc. for development as a film production studio.

Seacoast owes more than $4 million to creditors, including SWSDA and the province of Nova Scotia.

The development authority itself went under last year, leaving dozens of unsecured creditors owed a total of $2,324,805.80. The province is listed as a secured creditor and claims $475,000.

SWSDA’s remaining assets were auctioned off Thursday ....
Halifax Chronicle-Herald, 25 Nov 11
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Re: Fmr CFS Shelburne sold to Yarmouth contractor
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2011, 16:15:14 »
He could always rent it to local police agencies for training purposes.  The Ontario Government owned the old RCAF Station Edgar North of Barrie and let it be used by Police and CF training all the time, the G&SF and 32 Bde used it on a regular basis.  It's a little self contained town and provides very realistic training, maybe this guy could do the same thing with his property.
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Re: Fmr CFS Shelburne sold to Yarmouth contractor
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2017, 20:40:01 »
Saw this place recently and it is in a tragic state. Too bad the person who bought it has left it in post-apocalyptic derelict. The space could have been used for so much more and was even kept in good shape with the film company prior.
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