Author Topic: Harry DeWolfe Posting?  (Read 17820 times)

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Re: Harry DeWolfe Posting?
« Reply #25 on: December 23, 2015, 14:28:44 »
Too be honest I'm not sure. It's on Halifax's servers from what I gather from the link.

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Re: Harry DeWolfe Posting?
« Reply #26 on: December 31, 2015, 10:41:30 »
I suspect, like our USN counterparts, we will ‘naturally’ shorten the names informally (Vinson, Ford, Churchill, …). I wonder what CCG does for this (anyone out there want to chime in?)
On another note, there were 10 Canadian Flower class corvettes named for ‘flowers’. These were to be RN vessels but were handed back to the RCN due to a lack of RN crews in 1940. They were HMC Ships Hepatica, Bittersweet, Spikenard, Fennel, Trillium, Snowberry, Arrowhead, Bittersweet, Eyebright and Mayflower

Most of the names were short enough to be just minor clipping the  was just the "black" The was the "Perks"