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Advice for joining the CAF
« on: April 17, 2017, 01:16:21 »
Hello everyone reading this,

I am currently attending university as a psychology major with a sociology minor, as of this coming Thursday I will have completed my first year (It went significantly well). Ever since I was just a boy I have had ambitions in joining the Canadian Armed Forces, as I have gotten older my reasoning behind it has evolved and changed. I have always had a deep respect and admiration for those serving our country in the Forces, a respect and admiration for all of you. Everyone has their own reasoning behind joining, as for myself: I want to serve my country, our interests, and I want to help those in this world who cannot help themselves, those who desperately need our help. As a Canadian I feel it is my duty to protect our country, and everything we stand for, I will do anything I am required to achieve that. I plan on joining the infantry as an officer when I complete my university degree, here is where things get intricate: I am currently in the process of enrolling as an Armoured Soldier through the reserves ( I have completed all steps required, I am just waiting on word back and it has been over a month since I have heard back), I live in Prince Edward Island and we do not have an infantry unit so I plan to work as a reservist in the armoured until I complete university where I will then apply for transfer to the infantry and go through the officers program. I have talked to my recruiter about this to which we said it would not be a problem. The reason I am not going through the officers program now is because I want to experience the military from a NCM's perspective before going officer, I want to experience this so I will be more effective as an officer and leader and be a better overall soldier to my men. My end game plan is to apply for CSOR selection after I am able, I hope to work as an operator. This is a career I have pondered extensively, I believe the Special Forces is a career I am likely to be the most useful in, and the most likely way to make an impact on this world like I wish to. When it comes to athletics, fitness, endurance, I only strive for the best. I am extremely focused, and I refuse to quit until I have given everything I have and excel past standards, this the way I have always been. I have looked through the CSOR physical requirements level 3 (highest) and they are requirements I am currently on the verge of achieving as well as already having achieved. I understand impeccable fitness is only part of the process, and that I will be tested vigorously on my mental abilities. I have a sharp mind, focus, and determination. I am certain I will be able to maintain my mental abilities, with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology I believe I could be rather useful mentally as well as physically. There is nothing more important to me than obtaining a future in the Canadian Armed Forces and being a part of CANSOFCOM, I have felt this way for years and I will continue to feel this way until I have achieved it. What I am wondering is this:
Will there be a problem in going from infantry officer to operator/assaulter if I am given the chance?
Based on the information I have given you, what kind of advice can you provide me?
Based on the information I have given you, what are your honest opinions?
Am I going to have a tough time transferring from armoured to infantry?

Additional Information:

I do plan on going through specialized courses before applying for CSOR selection while in the reserves such as: recce, pathfinder, assault troop, etc.

I do not smoke, and I am uninterested in drugs.

I am 19, I will have completed university by 22.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I respect you all.

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Re: Advice for joining the CAF
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2017, 01:43:16 »
Welcome to, KyleJ

I removed your duplicate post. Duplicate posts are considered to be spam and are not acceptable.

I am going to lock this one once I have finished my response, as you can find answers to your questions - plus others that have yet to occur to you - by reading existing threads already on this Site. There is no need for further duplication. There is enough of that already and it just complicates things for those who use the Search Function.

I suggest that you begin with the applicable threads stickied at the top of pertinent subfora. They are stickied for good reason. If, once you have explored and searched thoroughly, you still cannot find an answer to a question, then pose that question in the most suitable thread.

Happy reading.