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Re: History made with first woman to captain Queen's guard
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. . . why is it fine for Canadian Army regiments to parade in the public in historical uniforms . . .

Beside the fact that they are not "historical" uniforms but rather a current authorized pattern that has unchanged since the 1920s (and goes back even further for older regiments that were authorized full dress), the  use of "full dress" by this particular regiment is a step-up since the last time they mounted a Queen's Guard back in 1998.  Then, only the Corps of Drums (made up from all three battalions) paraded in scarlets; the Guard (from 3VP) paraded in service dress.
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Retired Air Force guy question.
What is the meaning of the small blue rectangle on her left shoulder?

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It is the Presidential Unit Citation awarded to 2 PPCLI in recognition of its actions in the Battle of Kapyong in Korea in 1951.

Add: And she is wearing the Commander-in-Chief's Unit Citation (not sure of the correct title) awarded to the battalion for its service in the Medak Pocket.
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I fought through (with) the tourists with selfie sticks on Canada Day to watch the Patricias march in. Was pretty cool to see! I'm sure I'll see a few dozen Patricias smashing up Soho at some point!