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Registered Massage Therapy ( RMT )
« on: February 24, 2018, 13:39:32 »
I see this discussion come up from time to time. As recently as yesterday. So, I decided to start a topic about it, in case there are any other enthusiasts who wish to contribute.

I have been an RMT client for over forty years. I originally went to relieve back pain, but I soon discovered the relaxation benefit.

I believe it improves quality of life.

A weekly massage may seem an indulgence, but I believe in the benefits of regular sessions for one's physical and mental well-being. Especially when combined with an exercise program.
Preventative maintenance helps - especially as you get older.

I have always stuck with the same RMT. Like your work partner, it takes time to get into a good routine.

The RMT I have been going to in recent years is a lady from Japan. She is amazing.

Fortunately, RMT is covered by both of our plans ( my wife and I ). By the end of the year, I have exhausted the benefit, but do not mind at all paying out of my own pocket. I consider it time and money well spent. WSIB has also helped in the past. ( $54.02 ) per session. With our plan, you can increase your RMT benefit by giving up others you are less likely to use.

Sessions are typically one-hour. Sometimes I book a 45 minute session.

As a benefit, I believe it improves employee morale. Even after retirement.

To anyone considering becoming a client of an RMT, if you can find the right one, I would highly recommend it!

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Re: Registered Massage Therapy ( RMT )
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 17:52:17 »
Saw the discussion of this subject in the CAF Medical Group forum, but thought I should reply here as I am not a client of CAF health and medical services.

As a negotiated benefit, I believe registered massage therapy makes for a more productive employee, and a healthier retirement.

Not least of which, it shows the employer is serious about the Wellness Program aka "Fit for Duty".   

I say that as a regular client, not a practitioner.

I read this, and have experienced some of the benefits. I still do as a pensioner.

For people with high stress jobs, I believe it is particularly effective.

Massage therapy benefits people of all ages, including the injured, ill and the stressed. The strength of massage therapy lies in preventing illness and painful conditions before they develop, and cannot be overlooked. Massage therapy can be used in the treatment of both acute and chronic stages of conditions.

The effects of therapeutic massage include:

•Reducing or eliminating pain or stress by releasing muscular tension
•Improving blood circulation and joint mobility
•Increasing lymphatic drainage to promote detoxification
•Reducing edema
•Improving immune system functioning
•Reducing emotional stress level, such as depression and anxiety
•Sedating blood pressure and nervous system
•Improving sleep quality
•Increasing body awareness

Some conditions where an RMT massage can prove beneficial:

•Anxiety and depression
•Back, leg, and neck pain
•Carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive strain)
•Chronic Fatigue syndrome
•Fractures and edema
•Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and bursitis
•Kyphosis and Scoliosis
•Multiple sclerosis
•Muscle tension and spasm
•Parkinson’s disease
•Post-surgical rehabilitation
•Palliative care
•Pregnancy and labour support
•Sports injuries
•Strains and sprains
•Stress and stress related conditions

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