Author Topic: References on my application Superthread- Merged  (Read 363112 times)

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Re: References on my application Superthread- Merged
« Reply #700 on: July 27, 2017, 09:24:56 »
Hi Northstar, I'm going to be sending you a PM on here, please make sure to check your PM inbox.

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Application Paperwork - Last Employer
« Reply #701 on: April 10, 2018, 14:47:34 »
Good afternoon all,

New to the forum, look forward to taking a look through all of the advice on here. I suspect my situation may original, so I thought I would ask the opinion of a recruiter or experienced member.

I am heading to University in the fall as a mature student, full time. I have just applied to the reserves, and am excited about the opportunity to serve with the Canadian Forces in a part-time capacity during my 4 years in University. Hoping to transition into the regular force after school.

Anyway, my specific problem: I have a good deal of solid job experience, of which I have made great connections, excellent references, and am happy to have them listed on my employment verification. I made a mistake getting into my last job, having seen some warning signs of a bad employment situation, but hopped on the opportunity anyway as it gave me the chance to sign up as an apprentice. I worked for a two man company, and unfortunately both the owner and one employee were heavy drinkers, and drug users. Dealt with being in a van with either one on any given day for almost 8 months. Issues such as extreme road rage, yelling at customers, lack of hours - I had enough and spoke with the owner about my concern over my own personal safety. He said there was nothing he could do as he did not want to lose his only journeyman.

After much debate, I unfortunately had to leave due to concern over my own safety, and not wanting to be a part of any illegal activity. Both the owner and journeyman were extremely angry when I left, and I am concerned as I do not want this to reflect negatively upon me when the forces complete an employment verification. Can I request that they not contact this employer? I have years of other work experience listed with great people they could talk to, but I am so concerned about them talking to people like this.

Thank you in advanced for your help.