• #1 by Mike Bobbitt on 12 Feb 2020
  • Folks,

    Although it doesn't have the green (yet), Mobile view is available. To switch back and forth, use the following:

    Mobile View
    Desktop View

    Note, mobile view does not look good on a desktop. Try it on your phone. :)
  • #2 by NFLD Sapper on 12 Feb 2020
  • Hmmm  looks ok....
  • #3 by uncle-midget-Oddball on 12 Feb 2020
  • The rest of the site shows up in normal colours until you open a thread.
    Thought my browser was throwing a tantrum for a minute there.
  • #4 by Good2Golf on 12 Feb 2020
  • Looks great Mike!  Thanks for working to bring it back on line.