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Re: MP's Hated By Everybody???
« Reply #50 on: August 20, 2005, 20:04:33 »
All this time I have been an MP and I did not realize that people were making derogatory nicknames about us...thanks for the enlightenment.  

Just about all MOC's or elements have some sort of derogatory nicknames about them and started by another MOC or element.

Navy - Never Again Volunteer Yourself
Grunt - Govt Reject Un-fit for Naval Training
Zoomie - Air Force
Card Changer - Electonics Techs

Just about everyone is loyal to their own trade and thus they make up nicknames about other trades...

It's just a fact of life in the military
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Re: MP's Hated By Everybody???
« Reply #51 on: August 20, 2005, 22:55:34 »
Buddy Blades, you guys didnt know you were called that, i have a friend thats in the reserves told him i was thinking about doing MP and he had thoughts about it !

I knew a guy that was in the reserves and he told me not to go MP, SigOp, Pilot, Engineer, Medic, etc. I'm sure that you'll have plenty of people that will have thoughts about you becoming a police constable in the civilian world.

You should start thinking for yourself...
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Re: MP's Hated By Everybody???
« Reply #52 on: August 21, 2005, 00:13:47 »
I've been doing this for a very long time, and have never heard the term "Buddy Blades". I'm sure there may be other monikers out there, but the "Meatheads" has always sufficed. Sometimes derogatory, sometimes not. Like "Zipperhead", "Dropshort" and "Grunt", depends on the person using it and the context.
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Re: MP's Hated By Everybody???
« Reply #53 on: September 13, 2005, 10:48:56 »
Well if you want to be an MP do not expect to be loved.  That is the nature of the job.

From the comments on here I would suggest it is just the same as in the British Army.  Treat the troops as you would expect to be treated.  It will not stop them turning into mongs if they want to, but hey you gave them the choice.

I was always a great believer in customer service.  You service the troops in the manner in which they indicate to you that they wish.

I.e.  they act like human beings, you treat them as such.  They act like an animal, you chain them up and drag them off in a cage.  The choice is theirs to make.

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Re: MP's Hated By Everybody???
« Reply #54 on: October 30, 2005, 03:20:57 »
It's been a while since this issue was originally discussed, like a couple of months, but I feel compelled to respond.   As an MP with a whopping 5 years in ;D, I have a little experience with this subject.   To answer, we're not hated by everybody.   While some people DO genuinely hate us :threat:, generally they're a small percentage of the former or current "clients" who are a little aggravated at being caught and charged, be it civilian or military law.

When people find out I'm an MP at social gatherings it never fails, everyone has an MP story to relate to me or they want me to 'armchair quarterback' a situation on a ticket "some MP" gave them.   After hearing their side of the story and the reason (See: excuse, rationalization, justification) they did what they did, I usually say "He was right, I'd have charged you too".   Sadly, I don't often get invited back to attend parties where these chats have taken place   ^-^ but the point is, no one likes getting caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing.   No one likes getting a speeding ticket but if you were issued one, it was very likely due to your exceeding the posted speed limit :o.   I'm generalizing, but you get the idea.

Maybe there's some jealousy mixed in there based on perhaps, a misconception?   I once worked support at a Cadet Camp for a month on a temporary assignment.   A call was made to the MP Det that a Camp Cadet Lieutenant had just arrived at the bus station in town for her summer posting and somewhere along the line, someone forgot to detail her a driver, for pickup.   I was in the office off duty that day and heard my partner get the call.   I said "No problem" when he asked if I could do this small favour for him.   I arrive and state I'm Cpl so-and-so, showing my army ID card and she hops in for the run back to the camp.   I assist her in locating the mess hall as she had a long bus ride with no meal and during the meal, she asks what trade I am.   I state "I'm an MP".   Her eyes light up and she blurts out "WOW, I've heard about you guys, you don't do ANYTHING around here!"     >:( Priceless.   I wonder how she formed that opinion, as this was her first trip to the camp.   Hmmmm.  

Are we busy ALL the time?   No, working patrols on a base is like providing policing service to a small-to-midsized town.   We take coffee breaks, eat lunch and every now and then as a treat, we eat dinner too   ::) .   We don't just loaf between calls drinking coffee and eating doughnuts, we handle all the paperwork, staff it up, follow it up, attend court where need be and patrol (See:   Look for trouble or how to resolve things from deteriorating into trouble).  

That in effect, is why I think there's a misconception that we're universally hated.   We're not, but if one person gets ticketed, charged or arrested, they tell their pals.   Maybe not the truth, but their version of what took place.   Of course it looks skewed-it's a biased story, with biased information.   Maybe they think they should get away with something (justification), they have a "good reason" for doing it (rationalization) or more often than not, are just angry that they got caught (excuse).   Then their friends believe their 'version' of events and so on, and so on, you get the picture.   It mirrors what civilian police deal with.     

I find it funny when people like to jokingly greet us with a low-toned "Uh-oh, here come the MPs" or excitedly saying "It wasn't me".   It's almost a phrase of endearment, the way it's spoken.   Some people actually like us-really, it's true   ;D.   Since becoming an MP, my Uncle seems to have forgotten my first name, as he now always greets me with a "Hey there, Meathead", yet another army term of affection *ahem* ::) .   Almost every trade has a nickname and while some might be more flattering than others, the rule still applies:   If they give you a nickname or make a little fun at or with you, they like you.   If they won't say anything to you and leave you completely alone, they don't like you one bit.   So in the army, we all tend to rib each other, one way or another.   Most people are in the middle I think.   It's the same with kids, they believe either the MP is a prince or 'the boogeyman', depending on their parent's opinions.

For what it's worth, I try to cut people a break when I can, I'm not out to 'stick it' to anybody 8).   Will I vigorously try to prevent a crime or catch and prosecute a criminal?   Absolutely, it's the core function of my trade, I have to do that.   I just try to do my job as best I can, and do like all other support trades in the CF, be they a Mat Tech, MSE Op or Cook:   In some way via our respective mandates, directly or indirectly, support the infantry soldier.   He's the reason we're all here.  

As an aside, some mentioned the issue of Big 'M' and little 'P' and vice versa, reference whether an MP is a cop or a soldier first.   Allow me to clarify this very important point. First and foremost, soldier.   Regardless of trade, we've all passed through basic military training, the essential introductory soldiering skills and conditioning course.   Does that make us qualified infantry?   Not a chance, the infantry are the only experts at their trade skills.   What basic training does is teach basic military discipline, skills and ensure that if a member of a support trade were ordered to pick up a rifle and fight, they would be able to defend themselves and their colleagues.   Soldier first-foremost and always.   Policeman-it's a trade, also very important, but we're ALL soldiers FIRST.  

Hope that paints the picture correctly.  


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Re: MP's Hated By Everybody???
« Reply #55 on: October 30, 2005, 04:12:39 »
I bet the person caught for Impared; speeding up through South Gate (Borden) in an AUDI at O-God thirty hours on Saturday,
Probably wasn't to fond of the MP's when he woke up.

Nice Catch Guys/Gals!

We were driving all over looking for that one.

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Re: MP's Hated By Everybody???
« Reply #56 on: December 08, 2005, 19:05:11 »
Well I gotta admit that the MPs werent my favorite people when I was a Gunner. But for the past 2 yrs since ive been out ive worked for them at NDHQ and for the most part they are a great bunch of guys. Mind ya like any trade ya got your bad eggs. Theyve got a job to do just like the rest of us.
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