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Title: For Sale: KP Industries Knee & Elbow Pads $29.99
Post by: Matt_Fisher on February 01, 2006, 11:26:19
ICE Tactical is excited to announce that we are the Canadian distributor of KP Industries Tactical Ultra-Flex III knee and elbow pads. 

Until now, most tactical knee and elbow pads (ie. Hatch, Alta, Hellstorm, etc.) have all had one thing in common: they weren't very good at staying put. 
Most of the kneepads out there are essentially one-piece types, with two elastic straps holding the pads in place.

KP Industries' revolutionary articulated two-piece design solves the issue of slippage.  KP's Ultra-Flex III knee pads utilize a two-piece assembly where an upper and lower hard plastic shell are joined together by a riveted hinge, which allow the pad to follow the leg as it bends.

1.   Flexible Plastic outer shells are extremely strong, durable, and now extend lower for greater comfort and increased protection.
2.   Non-Marking Grip-Strip on any surface.
3.   1/2 inch closed cell inner foam pad offers the ultimate in comfort and protection.
4.   Speed clips snap easily and quietly into place for quick on-off.
5.   Hinged with METAL RIVET for ease of movement and allows full range of motion while kneeling, walking, and running.
6.   Soft elastic woven straps with reinforced sewn ends are placed well above and below the knee - will not bind behind knee. Easy Attachment.


KP Industries' Armo-Pro Tactical Elbow Pads have a flexible rubber body which bends with the arm. There are two securing straps, one that goes around the bicep and the other, the forearm. A dense foam cup cushions the elbow, while the rubber body protects the forearm.


1. Tough Grippy cap keeps elbow in place on most any surface. Cap can slide up and down for personal adjustment and fit
2. Multi position straps will fit any arm. Pull tabs help with adjustment while wearing gloves.
3. Durable and abrasion resistant foam and rubber body protects more of your arm. Extremely comfortable flexible and light weight.

ICE Tactical is retailing these knee and elbow pads for $29.99 per set (plus shipping & handling and taxes).
They're available in OD, Sand/Khaki, and Black.

Email if you'd like to pick up a set.  Unit kitshop enquiries are welcome.
Title: Re: For Sale: KP Industries Knee & Elbow Pads $29.99
Post by: Tommy on February 04, 2006, 10:24:03
oh thanks matt........

two days AFTER! I order kneepads from CP.....

oh well.. I can always sell em to some cornflake looking for some new LCF kit...

these certainly do look good.

Are they a one size fits most deal or a Sm Med Lrg thing?

Title: Re: For Sale: KP Industries Knee & Elbow Pads $29.99
Post by: Matt_Fisher on February 04, 2006, 13:50:40

They are a '1 size fits all'.  Hobey (the owner of ICE) was playing with the sample kneepads we got and was running up and down his street with no problems with the pads slipping down.  Sorry about being late for you IRT putting this stuff up.  My ESP radar needs an upgrade.  lol   ;D


Title: Re: For Sale: KP Industries Knee & Elbow Pads $29.99
Post by: Tommy on February 05, 2006, 14:23:31
lol, No worries.... worse comes to worse I'm sure I can find someone to buy my CP ones... could always sell em to some cadet or something..

Also, the 29.99, thats canadian I'm assuming, and if i wanted to order a set just email the address there, with my name, shipping address CC number and all that jazz?