Author Topic: Am I weaker than a 5 year old?  (Read 28412 times)

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Re: Am I weaker than a 5 year old?
« Reply #25 on: February 16, 2012, 15:30:04 »
This isn't the place to brag, but I suppose I should preface this with the simple statement that even by military standards, I believe my fitness level is quite high. Anyways, if I don't go to the gym on a given day (or run out of time there) I often run to the local park and do my pull-ups on the monkey bars (ha, at night so as not to be seen as a maniac...). So the other night I figured, hey, for old time's sake, why not just cross the monkey bars!

I could barely cross one gap... It felt as though my weight was ripping my arms right out.

you make it sound like your in great shape, and sound like a gym fanatic.
monkey bars being your defeat sounds a little odd,
if you can do 100+ push ups (assuming they are good military form, straight arm extension) & chin ups, I don't see how you would not notice if there was any pre-existing rotator cuff injuries...
my first piece of advice is ask you'r doctor! tell him about the discomfort and pain, he will know more than anyone here (no offense to anyone here, haha!)
2nd. start doing forward grip chinups with PROPER form, ( if you already are, excellent! ) this is the best grip to cross any monkey bar.

the pain in your shoulders is most likely a deltoid or rotator cuff injury, but it could also be from improper training such as not fully extending on your chin ups. tips on the monkey bar is keep your arms at a slight bend, get a small swing in your body going, and twist the hips while reaching for then next bar. (the small bend in your arms will ensure you are not hanging the weight of your body on your unflexed shoulders (bad bad), the swing will create forward momentum, and the hip twist will 1. bring your shoulder closer to the next bar making your reaching distance shorter 2. ensure that your arm will be swinging out to the side of your body not backwards. your shoulders are not meant to rotate past the top of your head, especially not while holding weight.)

again, when i train with friends and family i can't stress enough. Form is EVERYTHING, watching kids in my Police classes who claimed they could do ridiculous amounts of push ups try to complete even 20 pushups is just painful, you can't help but feel for the guys who train the wrong way and are never told proper form.

P.S in no way am I assuming you are not doing proper form, I hope you are training to the best of your ability's and what ever is causing the pain subsides and you are able to achieve your goal!

For rotator cuff injuries this video helped me ALOT when I injured mine in the gym

Best of luck to you in the future,
Bye for now!


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