Author Topic: Airframe selection after BFT  (Read 34865 times)

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Re: Airframe selection after BFT
« Reply #25 on: January 02, 2013, 15:51:57 »
I have no idea how the planners allocate slots for a given course. I assume it's a lot like the way a new pope gets chosen... Or maybe the way houses are assigned at Hogwarts.


Although the process isn't perfect, the career managers and pre-wings schools work with the various advisory groups (to determine optimal operational manning demands) and operational training/conversion units (to determine likely throughput of new wings grads at various type conversion units) to come to a balanced distribution plan regarding where Ph 2 student output is best allocated amongst the multi, helo and fighter/trainer fleets.

Not quite a Ouija board, even though it may look like it at times.  ;)


p.s.  Yes, soon helos will represent half the RCAF operational cockpits, especially once the CH147F comes fully on line (recent Ph 3 grads have already begun postings into the Chinook squadron), so short-term adjustments here or there notwithstanding, a steady-state allocation would see about 1/2 the Ph 2 grads on average going helos.