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Canadian Forces Rank Progression?
« on: January 15, 2013, 17:31:08 »
Can someone give me an average time of how long it takes to become each rank?
By average I mean the best answer you can give.. Like if I wasn't extremely bad or extremely good I guess.
Starting at
After becoming an Officer Cadet,
 Capt: Maj:
 Gen (CoD):
Also If I start at Private and go to MCpl or Sgt I was told if I were then to go to school and become an Officer, I can get an advanced promotion (Captain I think..)
How long would it take to go from Private to Sgt, go to school, to OCadet to Captain?

It's kinda hard to answer I know, but please help the best you can, cause it is rather important to me.. :) Thanks

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Re: Canadian Forces Rank Progression?
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 17:35:06 »
You have asked a question which can't be answered in a general sense.  Each and every occupation is dramatically different and is influenced by several factors on a regular basis.  We could give you the "minimum time in rank" requirements for advancement but that is all it is, a "minimum time requirement".  Doesn't mean you will be promoted when that time comes.
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Re: Canadian Forces Rank Progression?
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2013, 17:51:49 »
If you are looking for an advanced way to get to Captain, I dont think a CFR is a way to do it.
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Re: Canadian Forces Rank Progression?
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2013, 19:46:37 »
I doubt if anyone can give you the "average" time without doing a major statistical analysis. There are CFAOs that provide for minimum times in rank and I've given you a quick summary below.

Please note these are for general service regular force and there are great variations for reservists and specialist branches and trades.

Please note as well that these are excerpts from an old website as the current CFAOs are no longer available on the internet although they are still available on the DIN. If you know a current serving member they may be able to get you the appropriate CFAOs concerned.

I know that there is some info missing from what you seek but this is the best I can coble together without devoting an evenings research to.


CFAO 11-6

20.    Except as provided in paragraph 21, promotion to the ranks of
captain, major, lieutenant-colonel and colonel is competitive and is based
on merit and service requirements within each MOC.  Officers will be
selected for such promotions from among those:

     a.   who have entered the promotion zone for promotion to the next
          rank on attaining the required number of years of seniority in
          their current rank as follows -

          (1)  as a lieutenant - two years, except that for those
               commissioned as a lieutenant under the UTPM or CFRP the
               period is three years,

          (2)  as a captain - four years,

          (3)  as a major - four years, or

          (4)  as a lieutenant-colonel - three years;


Pte to Cpl - 4 yrs qualifying service

Cpl to MCpl - 2 yrs

MCpl to Sgt - 2 yrs

Sgt to WO - 3 yrs

WO to MWO - 3 yrs

MWO to CWO - 2 yrs
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Re: Canadian Forces Rank Progression?
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2013, 00:04:01 »
There's nothing set in stone. 

I was on ILQ with a 29 year old Patricia Warrant Officer.  Basically his career went Battleshool - Tour - Promotion - Course - Tour / Promotion - Course - Promotion - Tour - Course.  In a war-time army, this isn't too crazy if you're good at what you do.  However, is unheard of in a tech trade - Say, AVN (A plane fixer).  You're spending at least six years on the shop floor before you're a MCpl.  (If I'm wrong here guys, correct me, I only have a few AVN buddies).  Most of the people on that course (for Sgt's WOs) were within 7 years of retirement.  I've also seen Majors under 30.  Again, probably combat arms, probably very good at what they do.  If you're a Health Care Administration Officer, or an Air Force Construction Engineering Officer, you're in a smaller trade, therefore slower promotions as a general rule.
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Re: Canadian Forces Rank Progression?
« Reply #5 on: January 21, 2013, 10:25:57 »
The biggest unknown factor in this equation you're asking us for input/thoughts on is YOU.

- how will you perform, what kind of assessments on courses, deployment and annually (called PERs) will you get?

- how will you rate amongst your peers for merit purposes for promotion?

- what is the attrition rate of your trade?  If it is high, there may be a fast timeline for promotion.  If it is low, not so much (maybe).

That is just 3 of many possible factors.

The factors that affect each trade are known, atleast to some extent, but it is how YOU will merit amongst your peers that will have the biggest effect on your career. 

Don't join the CF in 'trade X' under the belief you will get to do a change in trades, or go from NCM to Officer.  Join one you think you can see yourself doing for your career, because there is no quarunteee you will get either an Occupational Transfer or be able to Commission into the Officer Corps.

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