Author Topic: Showerthoughts: What small thing has had the largest impact on the Cdn Army?  (Read 21228 times)

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I remember a grease pencil lecture on EMMA Gees and the gun line.  Red indicating the arcs of fire.  There was lots of red lines, lots.....
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Bad: Peace

Good (Unfortunately): War

Just sayin'.....
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Grease pencils on talc forced people to reduce their speaking to points of importance. PowerPoint lets you add one more slide filled with gibberish and irrelevancies that detracts from the message, because the G7-4-92 feels ignored and wants to have his voice heard (even though it is irrelevant to the subject at hand).

Much as I dislike arbitrary rules ("decks may not exceed seven slides")I see the value every time certain people deliver 45 slide masterpieces, filled with distractions and lacking any relevance, with two or three important points buried somewhere in the dross.
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