Author Topic: Supply Technician or ACISS?  (Read 897 times)

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Supply Technician or ACISS?
« on: January 20, 2017, 10:50:20 »
Hey everyone.

Yesterday I had my interview and medical and I was qualified for MP, Supp Tech and ACISS. From reading the threads about both the trades, I didn't really get the "day to day" work information I needed to really decide between the two. For the record (and from reading/going onto the Forces website), I would enjoy doing both equally, therefore not asking anyone to choose for me. My grandfather was a Supp tech in the Airforce for his whole career but unfortunately he passed away before I was born.

If anyone (preferably a supp tech or ACISS) could give me the run down between the two and possibly state what you don't like about the job vs what you really enjoy, maybe which of the two deploys the most, etc.

This is for Regular Force - preferably Land or Air - I've read the supp tech navy posts already. This is in case MP does not work out.

I just want to figure out which one I'd be most interested in. If it helps, I really enjoy hands-on work. I was never one to read a lot of books/absorb much from a textbook unless I had to skim through it for answers. I'm a little worried that ACISS may be too "hard" to learn because of all the electrical work? Then I'm worried about being in a warehouse all day and possibly being too bored. These are things that I assume of the trade.

If anyone could shed some information I'd really appreciate it.

Logan :salute:

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