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J.K. Rowling is one of these celebs like Benedict Cumberbatch who are accusing everyone else in the UK of being shits by not wanting to take more Muslim refugees.  This comes on the heels of stories of how many of the "so called" minors who were let in last year were in fact grown men.

Anyhow, people (including me) are tired of her crap and finger pointing and someone initiated an online petition at calling for J.K. to show leadership and take in refugees into her 18 spare bedrooms.  There are over 54000 signatures.  Of course this is  non-binding petition but does allow common folk to have their say.
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Re: J.K. Rowling petition for her to take in refugees @
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I seen that floating around. I hate online petitions but signed it anyways, hopefully as a 'screw you' to her.  She's one of the worst celebs out there for running her mouth. Always comparing real life to her stupid harry potter boots.  She should put her money (and house) where her mouth is and take on 18 refugees.  Maybe some of those 14 year old ones with full beards.

Maybe I'm not searching hard enough but I can't seem to find J.K Rowling talking much about one of the actresses in her movie, Afshan Azad, who got assaulted by her brother, and threatened with death by her father and brother (having to escape through a bedroom window) for the crime of having a boyfriend.
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