Author Topic: Attach Posted followed by another Attach Posting  (Read 661 times)

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Attach Posted followed by another Attach Posting
« on: March 28, 2017, 16:12:49 »
I am Reg Forces, Attach Posted to Kingston and am being told now that I'll be moving (Attach Posted again, new message) to Bordon instead of returning to my Home unit.

Question I have, is this proper? My understanding is that I was to be return to home unit than later Attach Posted or Posted to next base (Bordon). Further info, I this past year AVOT which requires 8 Month course in Kingston followed by 2 month and either 10 or 14 month course in Bordon after. I have family back at my home unit on other side of the country.

Before it comes up, yes things change and we adapt been doing that for sometime, I am more concerned with Attach following Attach following attach postings and end up being away from family for total of 2 years, or this change of plan (going directly to next course) is not in line with proper (regulated) Attach posting procedures. If anyone could clarify how this can be and should be handled it would be extremely informative.

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Re: Attach Posted followed by another Attach Posting
« Reply #1 on: Today at 03:18:19 »
My husband and I, both in military, were posted to two different locations and saw each other twice a year, once when we had annual Leave Transportation Allowance (LTA) and once when we had the Cat 1 Christmas flight.  We did this for four years and yes we had little children.  Welcome to the military.  You signed on for the pay, the training and in the end the pension.