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Welcome to Here are some reading references that are core to how operates. I strongly recommend you take a moment to read through these to give you a better sense for the environment here. It will help you avoid the common pitfalls which can result in miscommunication and confusion. For those that choose not to read, their actions often lead to warnings being issued or even permanent bans. Conduct Guidelines: MUST READ -,24937.0.html

MSN and ICQ "short hand",33247.0.html

Regarding the use of "MSN speak" versus the employment of prose which is correct in grammar, spelling and punctuation, please see:,34015.msg260446.html#msg260446

Tone and Content on,51970.0.html

FRIENDLY ADVICE TO NEW MEMBERS -,24937.msg259412.html#msg259412

Frequently Asked Questions -

CFAT practice test -

Search page -;advanced

Google search of - (follow the link then replace "search term" with what you are looking for) wiki pages -

Do YOU Wonder why we have 117 Plus Pages Here ?

      Simple answer:  People do not bother to do any research and think their question has never ever been asked before.

To summarize. Welcome to, start reading.

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