Author Topic: How will USA respond to Canada's terrible NAFTA demands? (split fm CF-188 Replacement)  (Read 23528 times)

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No, no, no!! Sheesh! Don't you guys get it? He works for Mr Trump and that's who decides!  And he wouldn't try to do that because, he's like, really smart and he's said a lot of things. And he hears more and more people saying how beautiful and fantastic he is. And anyway, if he fired himself he wouldn't go because it would be Fake News.

And now, speaking about firing people, here is some interesting speculation from Fox News:

Soon all those irritating voices of experience, reason and order will be out of the way, so then the real fun can start. Drain the swamp!

Yes, when he replaces McMaster with John Bolton, who really, really, REALLY wants to bomb North Korea. I hope none of the young folks on this site will have to go and die in Donald Trump's World War 3. I sincerely hope we don't stand up this time like dutiful little acolytes with our little frigate and our little six-pack, just so we can be part of the circus.

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Came across this elsewhere. Thought it was kinda funny.
Corruption in politics doesn't scare me.
What scares me is how comfortable people are doing nothing about it.

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Someday I'll care about milpoints.