Author Topic: Changing with the times - Navy veteran reflects on 50 years of service  (Read 1022 times)

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You'd think that after a while, you'd want to be promoted to PO so you didn't have to do Cleaning Stations anymore   :nod:

In a first for Navy, a sailor has been awarded a third Federation Star for 50 years of continuous service.

Recipient of the award, Leading Seaman Communications Information Systems (CIS) Roger Dalby, said change has had a major impact on his five decades of service.

Joining the Navy as a Junior Recruit during the Vietnam War, he has served on ships built during the Second World War - a far cry from the modern fleet and workforce he is working in today.

LS Dalby joined the Navy in 1968 as a Junior Recruit at HMAS Leeuwin, and since then has gone on to serve 50 years of continuous service. He has served 37 years at sea in over a dozen ships - patrol boats, replenishment ships, destroyers and an aircraft carrier.

He has deployed to 14 operations and has been decorated for service in conflicts from the Middle East to Vietnam. LS Dalby has also been awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal (CSM).

LS Dalby has declined promotion on a number of occasions due to his strong desire to stay at sea and continue to work in a role he is passionate about.
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As a Signaller, I cannot imagine the sheer amount of change he's had to deal with over 50 years of working with CIS. He's probably had to relearn the equipment he needs to do his job every 5-10 years. Absolutely unreal, BZ!!