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Court Martial Comprehensive Review
« on: August 20, 2018, 11:53:22 »
In 2016 the then JAG issued terms of reference to a team of legal officers to conduct a comprehensive review of the court martial system in the CF. At the time of the appointment of the current JAG of 2017 the team presented her with an interim draft report. Concurrent with this the Auditor General was conducting its own audit of the system and a further independent review on the administration of justice pursuant to s 273.601 is due within two years.

For those interested in this topic you may find the information here:

JAG's 17 Jan 2018 statement on the Draft Internal Report of the Court Martial Comprehensive Review:

The Draft Interim Report - Court Martial Comprehensive Review dated 21 Jul 2017:
(it may be a bit balky loading. Be persistent)

The Auditor General 2018 Spring Report No 3 - Administration of Justice in the Canadian Armed Forces

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