Author Topic: Army captain who violated colleague in 'tomfoolery gone wrong' found guilty  (Read 1000 times)

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An Australian Army captain who violated a male colleague with a beer bottle — in what his lawyer described as "tomfoolery gone wrong" during a work function— has been found guilty of rape.

Rhiley Boyson, 26, is expected to be sentenced by a court martial panel in Canberra on Wednesday.

On Tuesday the court heard the assault happened in the men's toilets during a work social event last year.

Prosecutor Sarah Robin said there had been a certain amount of low-brow humour in the toilets, which spiralled out of control.
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Out of control....ya think??  ::)
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"This was an instance of momentary penetration, a few seconds long," she said. :facepalm: 
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Wow. Any officer who lacks the common sense and decency to not rape a colleague with a beer bottle has no business wearing the uniform or bearing the responsibility of leadership over others. What a bloody idiot.
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