Author Topic: Frustration brews over double standard for Vancouver 4/20 pot festival  (Read 657 times)

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Frustration brews over double standard for Vancouver 4/20 pot festival

Brewery owner vents frustration over the 4/20 event going ahead without a license now that pot is legal, sardonically suggests organizing a beer protest.

Beer is legal to drink just like weed is legal to smoke. But you can’t drink beer in public without being at a sanctioned festival or at a licensed establishment, so should breweries get together and stage a beer protest.

That’s the tongue-in-cheek suggestion from Ben Coli, owner of Dageraad Brewing, who posted a humorous tweet Wednesday about forming a craft-beer demonstration to protest no drinking in public as a response to the 4/20 event going ahead this year at Vancouver’s Sunset Beach without a city permit.

Coli said of course his tweet was satirical, because if he ever held such a protest, “I’d have my manufacturer’s licence yanked so fast.” Yet he questions why there are no repercussions for the 4/20 organizers holding a pot protest, now that recreational cannabis use is legal in Canada.

“Pot is legal now, as it should be, but now that it’s legal the 4/20 event needs to be treated like any other festival,” said Coli, adding that it’s frustrating that the organizers still won’t pay for a licence and policing costs.

Policing the 4/20 event last year cost Vancouver around $300,000, while the event organizers contributed about $63,000.

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