Author Topic: Component Transfer (CT) - Regular to Reserve [MERGED]  (Read 66213 times)

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Re: Component Transfer (CT) - Regular to Reserve [MERGED]
« Reply #100 on: August 27, 2017, 12:17:33 »
I think you have some misconceptions on ResF life...

1. Cl B positions are set with a high and low rank. If you're a rank above the high rank, there is a possibility you will be allowed to revert to a rank lower to take the job. You don't keep your pay, you will now be paid at the lower rank's pay scale. IPC levels are irrelevant here. You're also not guaranteed to get a Cl B job as you follow your spouse, especially if you're not in an easily portable trade, or if you're a Snr NCO/Warrant Officer. The Cl B hours are set by the gaining unit, and some positions are year-long MATA/PATA backfills, so you're essentially working the same hours as the RegF coworkers.

2. There's some SMEs here on the PS pension plan, and I believe a thread that covers some of the intricacies of transferring pensions. You wouldn't be the first PS employee to work Cl A. (Edit: MarioMike found the pension thread)

3. You're never guaranteed 15 days of employment a month (I've heard of it in the Air Reserve, but never seen it in the Army). If you're just a standard Cl A dude/dudette, you could work as little as 6 days a month (4 half days in the evenings, 2x 2 day weekends). There's typically opportunity to work more, but its never something you can count on for steady income. Be prepared to support your family solely on your spouses income.

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Re: RegF to PRes and/or PS
« Reply #101 on: August 27, 2017, 12:54:36 »
If I'm interested in class B, is it possible I will not be hired because I am at a higher pay level and close to a pension? Is it true that class B work would mean a steady 8-4 M-F workweek of sorts? Will it be hard to get hired while I'm still RegF?

To add to what PuckChaser said,

Reserve class B and Reg to Res CT question

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Moving from Reg Force to Class B Reservist just after accepting OT
« Reply #102 on: October 09, 2018, 14:25:04 »
I didn't really know where to place this so I made a new topic.

Recently I accepted an OT to reg force MP and some issues have arised where if I cannot get a posting in Ontario after my 3s I'm gonna have some problems. A few people have mentioned going to the reserves and I am unsure if I can, and how the process would work in my situation. So right now I am on BTL while I wait for my 3s to start in January. I had just signed my OT acceptance 4-5 months ago. Is it possible to just switch to reserve MP? Or just switch to reserves and find a different position?