Author Topic: 11 Nov in Australia - Todays Parade at AASAM  (Read 2444 times)

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11 Nov in Australia - Todays Parade at AASAM
« on: November 11, 2005, 04:06:00 »
Greetings from AASAM 2005!

Well, right now most of you are sleeping back in dear ole Canada   2000h 11 Nov here = 0600h 11 Nov CST in Canada. I would imagine, the brass and boots have been polished, the CF's are smartly ironed, medals out ( for those that got em), poppy placed where it should be, and a few dollars put in your wallets to spend on a few beers.

Today here in the SMA at AASAM, with 14 international teams present, we had a small parade which began at 1030, with lowering all flags to half staff, 2 mins silence, and a small Aussie poem was read, the Last Post, and Reviellie, the raising of the flags and was over shortly after 1110. A nice touch. The sky was blue, the wind slightly blowing, and it was hovering at about 29C. Afterwards the day carried on, the shooting and competion was serious as ever. Remberance Day in Australia although recognised is just another working day, as 25 Apr, is Anzac day, and thats the big one here!

During today's parade, as always, I take the time to silently reflect on the many I have known who are no longer with us. My relatives killed in WW1, my Uncles who served at Dieppe and DDay, plus the many members who died during in their serving years or after retirement. This is followed b memories too of Australians I have served with who have sinced passed on. Sadly, the list always continues to grow.
The recent death of yet another SAS (WO2) soldier in the ME, and the ongoing commitment we have to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Gone are those parades and march pasts up Elphinstone St and Scarth St in from the Legion to Victoria Park in Regina, those wickedly cold Saskatchewan mornings, hands blue because some forgot their gloves, so we all had to go gloveless. Those great days at the Legion Hall in Regina which carried on into the night. Memories of days truly gone by, and the days which I will never forget. Local Units, the RRR, 10Fd, 16 Med and 16 Svc, along with many Vets from all 3 services, many now too old to march.

Those old days have been replaced by hot days, warm winds, and an endless spring sun every 11 Nov here in Australia, but the memories of my homeland I silently carry with me, and did so this morning, and although I sport two passports, it still makes one proud to be Canadian. :cdn:

So whether you are in Canada from coast to coast, or in some unkind land on operations, or even here in Australia, it gives us the chance and time to reflect on our service, the service of generations past, and to remember those who are no longer with us.

I am just on my over for a few whiskies a the Int'l Mess (The Snake Pit) . The Royal Marines and French Marines, I can hear from the Duty Room. Aerosmith blastng into a nice cool spring night.

Wherever you are, serving or retired, or even a civilian patriot, I hope you can attend a service somewhere between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and enjoy the customs and traditions laid down by those before us.

Cheers from the Hunter Valley,

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Re: 11 Nov in Australia - Todays Parade at AASAM
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2005, 04:28:22 »
Have a good one Wes.

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