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Warren Kinsella
« on: February 15, 2006, 22:59:10 »
Warren Kinsella apparently continues to believe the "annointed" such as himself can say and do pretty much whatever they want, including vile slurs against others, but gets pretty offended when people start commenting on his behaviour:

Oh No Kinzilla

Remember ex-Chretieniac Warren Kinsella?

    Warren Kinsella is a Quebecois lawyer in Toronto and former Chretien aid. He's also a man with a blog, who describes himself as a "raconteur" and "bon vivant", and he's all ticked off. He's mad because there are people on the internet who don't like him much.

That was October of 2004, when he'd strongarmed several Canadian bloggers into pulling their criticisms of him through the threat of legal action, despite his own site carrying this enlightened commentary:

    "Boy is that Matt Drudge guy ever an *******. What a moron."

    "The Internet is full of red-necked, mouth-breathing rightist poltroons - as is talk radio, and a lot of newspaper editorial pages."


At the time, his site also featured him wearing one of those "Bush: International Terrorist" t-shirts, back when it was still hip.

Now, however, he locked up the belltower, switched off the safety and is ready to start shooting randomly into the crowd: He's actually suing a Canadian blogger, Mark Bourrie at OttawaWatch.

    Actually, the Liberal lobbyist and self-styled political asskicker wants $600,000. Should I write him a cheque or fight this thing? Hmm... write a cheque... fight this thing??? Um, I think I'll fight it.

The basis for the lawsuit appears to be OttawaWatch's allegation that Kinsella was a significant player in Adscam, a claim which appears to be have been acknowledged as fact by the Canadian press for some time, as Andrew Coyne demonstrated during his own February 2005 exchange of fire with Kinsella. Hilariously, in his lawsuit, Kinsella also says that OttawaWatch further wronged him by publishing Kinsella's own threatening letter:

    The plaintiff pleads that the Libelous Words are defamatory of the plaintiff and have brought him into hatred, ridicule and contempt...To further aggravate matters, the defendant Marls Bourrie has gone on a vicious campaign against the plaintiff...In particular, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Mr. Bourrie posted the notice of intended action on the Site on January 25, 2006 thus further aggravating the damage caused to the plaintiff by repeating the Libelous Words.

The Libelous Words of Doom! How could Kinsella himself even bear to peck out their horror, preparing this notice of intended action on his old Royal typewriter, sitting on the floor under a bare bulb in a room wallpapered with photos of Paula Zahn?

Momentarily setting aside the veracity of OttawaWatch's claims, if Kinsella hadn't already threatened to use his status as a law-license recipient to carry out a vendetta against everyone who ever said anything bad about him on the internet or in high school, one might think that he would have had some shred of dignity left for OttawaWatch to destroy.

He didn't. He's been in hatred, ridicule and contempt for some time. I hope Mark somehow countersues and takes his car, then drives it past his house every morning, honking and laughing with a beautiful woman on his arm.

OttawaWatch is hosted on Blogspot, for crying out loud. What's Kinsella think he's going to get out of this, other than increased publicity for "the Libelous Words"? Why can't he do like normal people when they're offended by other people's speech and go burn down buildings?
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Re: Warren Kinsella
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2006, 07:30:21 »
Deja vu!

What is with these guys.  Their poop don't stink?  Does high station or public recognition suddenly make them 'faultless' in all they do or say? 

Seems many examples of that have happened in the last year with egos larger than reality. 

Makes for a little humour in the papers and on the internet as others look at their dribble and  ::)  ;D
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Re: Warren Kinsella
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2006, 08:22:00 »
I have a solution to types such as these...

Send them through boot camp! :P Just BMQ (if that's what they're still calling it....) I think if we put them through that with some really hard-assed instructors things would work out just fine...

Along with all the other political leaders in the country....  >:D

I suppose in a democracy that just doesn't happen though!

I can dream a little dream for another day I suppose! A day when guys like this became extinct and the internet wasn't used by red-neck mouth-breathers like this guy!

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