Author Topic: Chances of a service couple doing a tour at the same time in the same place.  (Read 1375 times)

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My fiance and I will be completing our final phases of training at approximately the same time, and there is a possibility that we could be up for our first tours within a year or so after.  He being a engineer officer and myself an EME officer, what are the chances we would be able to do a tour in the same place at the same time?  I think it might be viewed as a conflict of interest, but I'm not entirely sure what the CF perspective is on such issues.  Any insight or personal experiences would be appreciated.

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We had quite a few married service couples on tour together on Apollo. Same camp...same rules. Different quarters and no fraternization.
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I had the same experience with 2R22R during OP Athena.  I can't remember the exact number of service couples, but I believe it was somewhere around 12-15 sets out of the 2000 of us. 

From experience, as long as your upfront about your relationship and not trying to hide it from the CO there generally isn't an issue.  As was previously mentioned, no frat, no PDA, etc. 

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We have a couple prensently at TSE CM and as per other email no problem if Known by the CO and your follow the policies in place. 
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If I remember correctly there were two married service couples in Velika Kladusa on roto 0 in 97.I remember everyone talking about how weird it must be to be in camp with your significant other and not be able to remotely act married.I'm pretty certain they were under a no frat rule so its a long standing policy thats been in place awhile.I think we all came to the conclusion however that if a certain wife/husband was seen departing a certain Iso trailer at an unusual hour a discreet minding of ones own business was in order ;)
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There are no rules on the books IRT service couples serving on the same mission. In fact, having the CoC stopping you from going over because of your spouse going is not a smart thing for them to do. HSS always has someone going over whose spouse is there too, and occasionally even in a diffrent section of HSS coy (I personally disagree, but again, not my decision)

The people that may stop you from going over are the padre and mental health. One question you will have to address is how functional you will be if the other is injured or killed while both you are there. If you have children, ensure you have good support in place, or they will recommend one of you not going over.

In the end, based on their recommendations it will come to a CO's decision whether to let you both go. I have only heard of one case where they did not let one of the service spouses go over, because of child care issues. (personally, if you have preteen children, you are insane to both go over at the same time.)

In your case, EMEgirl, it would depend on your specific units sending you at the same time, but there should not be a problem.

Of course, as mentioned, as officers, the fraternization rules are more strictly enforced as leading by example is important.
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