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Listen Up Ladies
« on: February 27, 2007, 00:39:26 »
To the applicable Ladies of this forum (and you know who you are),

I've about had enough.

Here's how it is in the real world, despite the fact that you may be a female.

When you get crap on this's because you deserve it.
When you get a PM from a mod giving you that unofficial warning before stepping up to the formal warning's because you deserve it.

That's the facts.

So cease the whining, snivelling PMs/posts back at the mods about how they are repressing you, patronizing you, or being too hard on you because you're a woman.  A real woman takes the crap she garners upon herself and carries on; she doesn't proceed to blame it on the inevitable fact that she is a female, that's just an excuse. And it's getting pretty tired at that. You make yourselves look all the worse for it too.


You will be treated the same way as any other member of this site and warned in just the same manner as the men.


I was responsible for the banning of the last female from this forum (and she is well aware that it was me who did it ~ I e-mailed her; starts with an "S"), so those of you who continue to whine and sulk about those dinosaur men who banned her can rest assured that it was this woman who did so.

Enough already. Stop being so petty, stop blaming your actions on your sex; and stop blaming the men for giving you well-deserved crap for those same-said actions. Grow up already.


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