Author Topic: Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)  (Read 838112 times)

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Re: Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)
« Reply #2550 on: November 07, 2018, 15:26:30 »
This one's a rough one and shows how actions like this can affect so many people.  Apparently this guy helps to run an after-school program that is modelled after cadets, but is independent of them.  The kids wear multi-cam and even have a dress uniform, performing at parades and doing fundraisers, learning field craft and firearm safety and the like. The problem is, too many people will associate this group with cadets, even though they are not associated with the CAF, DND or the cadet organization in any way.

You mean like Navy League, almost zero support, except for the hard work of individuals. Not sure if having access to Logistick Corp is help or hindrance?