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Re: Merlin vs Mi-8MTV
« Reply #25 on: June 19, 2007, 15:51:34 »
This thread brings up a question I've long been asking myself, and I hope someone on can give me a convincing answer.  If we can deploy Leopard tanks to A'stan (a move which i applauded very loudly on this site), then why can't we deploy CF18's?

I may be able to answer that question: Right now, the CF-188 fleet is in the midst of a much needed upgrade that won't be finished until 2009. I know some Hornet's have received the complete upgrades, but I'm not sure if there are sufficient aircraft to sustain the deployment of a six-pack overseas for any length of time. Not much sense to deploy aircraft all the way overseas and then bring them back six-months later.

(Go here to a CASR article that gives some background to the upgrades:

Besides the fact as to whether more CAS aircraft are required in Afghanistan, if we did send CF-188's/CP-140's over overseas, other consideration that have to be taken into account include:
- Where would we base them?  In Afghanistan? Outside Afghanistan?
- Is there space available? Six CF-188's may not take up much ramp space, but you also need the required hanger/maintenance areas, quarters for the pilots/crew, security, re-supply, money!! and political will.

The same goes for the CP-140 Aurora, even more so. Its a big aircraft and takes up lots of ramp space!  It's also in the midst of a much needed upgrade to convert them into "multi-mission aircraft that can provide over-land surveillance and reconnaissance in addition to its traditional coastal functions." Again, not sure how many have been upgraded and the overall status of the program.

So its not just a matter of deploying a bunch of aircraft overseas; there is a whole lot of details that have to be worked out. As for the will to deploy them overseas? I will say this, I worked for many years in various squadrons and Air Force headquarters and I can say that the Air Force would "Love" to be able deploy aircraft overseas in support of the ground troops, but as I listed above there is a whole lot of factors to be taken into consideration.

I'll leave it there for now. Got to get ready to go to work! 
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