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Solidarity Grows Nothing
« on: June 13, 2007, 18:01:18 »
A very interesting situation. Substituting "Coalition Forces" for Israeli's and making a few more cut and pastes for the various actors would get you an article about what we are doing in Afghanistan. As always, we should be supporting people who demonstrate what they are about through actions over those who only use words.

Solidarity grows nothing

According to a recent column by All Israeli’s over the age of 18 are valid terrorist targets Mohamed Elmasry (President of the Canadian Islamic Congress) Canadian Muslims are the ones who are standing in solidarity with Canada’s First Nations. Not the Jews and not their new right-wing friends. Maybe sometimes symbolic solidarity is not enough as in the case of Palestinian flags being flown at the 6 Nations occupation in Caledonia, Ontario. Maybe sometimes real action is more fruitful then sharing a victim hood pie:

    Manitoba’s Misipawistik Cree are hoping to make locally grown and affordable produce more readily available in northern communities by tapping the expertise of Israeli agriculture specialists.

    ‘We have a high incidence of diabetes in Grand Rapids and through the greenhouse project we can produce the kind of vegetables that people need to combat that disease.’—Misipawistik Chief Ovide Mercredi

    Israeli experts, who have considerable knowledge about growing produce in harsh climates, will soon visit Grand Rapids, about 400 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, to share greenhouse tips and technology.

    Cobie Brosh, Israel’s consul general in Toronto, visited the community Tuesday to discuss the project to construct greenhouses.

    “In the open air sometimes it’s hard to have flourishing agriculture — in Israel because of the hot weather, here because of the cold weather in the winter,” Brosh said.

    “The greenhouse is really the technology that can solve most of these problems,” he said.[…]

    “We are more than honoured and happy if we can share this know-how that we’ve acquired throughout the years with the community here in Grand Rapids and with other communities who find it necessary,” he said.


Dr. Mohamed Elmasry warning natives about the Jews:

    Canadian natives is a vivid parallel lesson for Canadian Muslims; if you are not willing to be physically, morally and intellectually present in the public square, the rich and powerful will trample on you and ignore your rights, big time. (CIC)

He ignores the possibility that sometimes those with the means and the hearts have a bit more to offer then bigotry and hate.
Dagny, this is not a battle over material goods. It's a moral crisis, the greatest the world has ever faced and the last. Our age is the climax of centuries of evil. We must put an end to it, once and for all, or perish - we, the men of the mind. It was our own guilt. We produced the wealth of the world - but we let our enemies write its moral code.