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Tales from the valley of death - heat, horror and a chuckle
5:00AM Monday August 06, 2007 By Mark Townsend
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He was pinned down by Taleban fire for five minutes, his body smothered in masonry as rocket-propelled grenades thumped into the wall behind.

Private Meighan Kenny escaped. He always does. Sixteen times he has been shot at by Taleban fighters since he arrived in Helmand last April.

He has led men through scores of Taleban compounds. In their murky maze of antechambers he has often literally bumped into the enemy.

Kenny turns 21 in three weeks. "I'll get there, don't you worry," he grins, blue eyes squinting against the searing heat of another afternoon in Afghanistan.

Kenny's experiences are not unique in a campaign marked by ferocious firefights in brutal conditions. This is the story of a week spent on the front line with young soldiers who daily share death, scorching heat and the laughter and banter of mates.

In the British Army's forward operating base at Sangin, every soldier from the 1st Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment has a tale.

Teenagers describe the high-pitched whistle bullets make as they fizz past the face. Rocket-propelled grenades make a "strange hiss".

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