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Internal workings of the Liberal party
« on: September 27, 2007, 10:05:55 »
A blogger has pointed out there are a lot of potentially interesting stories out there about the ongoing "re alignment" of the Liberals, if people raised their heads a bit from the Stephan Dion file. The ultimate outcome could be the actual disintegration of the Liberals, as left wing voters migrate to real left wing parties, internal strife continues and fund raising dries up.

Stéphane, Can You Spare A Quarter (of a Million)? Or At Least a Better News Story?

This is one of those stories that Jason Cherniak is pretty much guaranteed to complain about. Apparently, the Montreal office of the Liberal Party needs $250,000 or it has to close on Friday.

Frankly, this isn’t one of Campbell Clark’s better efforts. The way it reads right now, the idea (the Liberals are running out of money in Montreal) is just an excuse to launch into a litany of “Dion’s in trouble” threads — the withdrawal of Marc Garneau, the musings of Raymonde Folco, and so on. It’s only until two-thirds of the way into the story that we learn what prompted the headline:

    Former Liberal cabinet minister Jean Lapierre said on CTV-Newsnet that the party’s Quebec director-general, Serge Marcil, told Mr. Dion “that if [the Liberals] don’t deposit a quarter of a million dollars by Friday, they probably will have to close down the office in Montreal and they can’t even honour the payroll.”

    When reached by telephone, the president of the party’s Quebec wing, Robert Fragasso, said he would call back, but he did not.

    A spokesman for the Liberal Party in Ottawa, Elizabeth Whiting, said that the party’s Montreal office will not close. She said that a request for funds came from Quebec, but did not discuss the details, although she acknowledged that Ottawa and the Quebec Liberals disagree over money.

Look: it’s not news that Dion is in trouble; we already know that from the stories that came out last week. What everyone — especially the Montreal Libranos — want to know is the following:

    * Who is responsible for controlling the budget of the Montreal office?
    * What happened to the money the Montreal office used to have?
    * When did Marcil and other Quebec Liberals realize that more money was going to be needed
    * Where is the new money supposed to come from? (Dion would almost certainly ask this one.)
    * Why did this problem happen?

You see? Those are the sort of questions that Clark should have tried to answer in this story. That he did not is a good sign of how easy it is to jump onto the “Dion’s in trouble” storyline bandwagon.

And that’s important, because the more Canadian political journalism focuses on the travails of Dion, the less space it has to examine the inner workings of the federal Liberals. And for the Canadian voter, that sort of information is far more important.
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Re: Internal workings of the Liberal party
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2007, 10:45:58 »
This is no different that when Brian Mulroney stepped down.  In the days, weeks, months & years that followed, the Conservative party heamoraged big time - in debt up to the kazoo.