Author Topic: CFB Halifax New Building  (Read 2714 times)

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CFB Halifax New Building
« on: April 04, 2016, 15:22:10 »
Hi, I am looking for information on the new Jr. Ranks Accommodations & Mess building being constructed at CFB Halifax. I was able to find a picture of the building taken in Dec 2015 but cannot locate any updates as to when it may be completed and ready to live in. Thanks

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Re: CFB Halifax New Building
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2016, 15:48:51 »
It's replacing A Block and the "Fleet Club". Are you in that much of a rush to move out of the old?

From my experience, the shine on the new place wears fast, along with expectations.
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Re: CFB Halifax New Building
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2016, 15:50:54 »
Unless they try to keep that new building smell for as long as they can.... [:p
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