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Re: CH-148 Cyclone Progress
« Reply #1025 on: June 28, 2018, 23:13:44 »
What are the advantages to an inflight hot refuel, which I think is what they were doing at the end, compared to putting it onto the deck for a hot refuel?

I assume it is usually done for practice, but some real reasons might be:

The helicopter might not always be able to land on the flight deck. The helicopter could be damaged and unable to safely land. The flight deck could be damaged; there could be objects on the flight deck blocking the deck (rope, sea container, another helo);  the flight deck could be too small for the cyclone if it’s a different class of ship; and the sea state could be too rough for a safe landing.

Also I think they do inflight hot refuels because the pilot might get wet while attempting an inflight cold refuel. 😉

*i included one joke in this post.
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