Author Topic: EWAT positions available in Halifax for summer 2009  (Read 1843 times)

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EWAT positions available in Halifax for summer 2009
« on: April 01, 2009, 13:01:37 »
I am a NCdt training to be NCSE  I finish classes at DAL for the summer on the 16th of April and do not leave for NETPO until the 18th of May.  For the period between finishing at DAL and going on course I will be requiring EWAT.  I was told that if I could arrange something interesting on my own I could mostlikely do that, and if not I would mostlikely be sent down to CFNES until I leave.  I do not have any problems with being sent to CFNES, but was also wondering if anyone was aware of any other interesting EWAT positions/opportunities available for a NCSE NCdt around Halifax area for the periods of 17-April-09 to 18-May-09 and 24-July-09 to 10-Aug-09.

(note: I am from the Halifax area and that is why I am inquiring about something local)