Author Topic: Need some old dogs with good memories. AET to AVN conversion dates.  (Read 5867 times)

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I need to rough out the dates that AVN was initiated and our trade conversion began. I was there when it happened. I did my BET in Jan of Feb 1996 and went to Trenton on my IOC in May 1996. I know the process was 'completed' in 1997, my recollection is we changed trade badges in 1995, but damned if i can remember.

I need this info for an administrative action in which the author of another document is stating that AVN was stood up as a trade in 1997.



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Office Linebacker, the MOC 500 restructure happened officially in 1995. Mind you, lots of folks were already heading towards 514 AVN with all the cross-quals I remember, most of the AETs and AFTs were dual-qual'd with a lump of IET in there as well.  I recall the CRS guys keeping more to themselves, though.


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 A time long ago when I was just a pup I started out as something called an Aircraft Tech. in what used to be called "The Army".

Then The Canadian Forces came along and wise men changed everything. What used to be an Aircraft Tech. was changed to Aviation Tech. and given a number 513.

 Later wise men decided that people weren't smart enough to be 513s until they were Sergeants and no longer touched aircraft so 513s below Sergeant rank had to be either 511 Engine Tech. or 512 Airframe Tech.

 Other wise men decided that it was OK to allow 511 and 512 personnel to be cross qualified under certain circumstances. The circumstances seemed to be based entirely on where the personnel were employed /ships/ army type helicopter units and not on training or experience.

Some time later wise men decided to change things again and from what I understand everyone can be qualified to do everything just like it used to be in 1964 in The Army and Navy.

 Because of my advanced age--over 60 I can't recall everything so there may be some errors or omissions but it's pretty close to what has taken place.

Unfortunately you will not gain anything from my tattered recollections to help with your administrative action but considering that history often repeats itself this may give you some insight to the future.

The bottom line is it really didn't matter what my trade was called It was a great career and I'd do it all over again.

But not lately. If I could do it all over again I would  change one thing.

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Re: Need some old dogs with good memories. AET to AVN conversion dates.
« Reply #4 on: September 15, 2009, 18:20:56 »
1995. I was in Cold Lake, my original trade was 531. Of course nothing really happened till 1996, but it was definately implementd in 95.