Author Topic: Status on Victoria-class Submarines?  (Read 276767 times)

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Re: Status on Victoria-class Submarines?
« Reply #550 on: January 26, 2019, 09:43:19 »
You forgot Sweden's A-26,which are being build(1st of 2) as we speak(Oceanic Version) :nod:

And true,first projects that will be started are the 12 MCM ships(replacement Tripartite class,decision probably next month or so,on which design is chosen),Belgium leads in this project,after that (probably in the

next few months also)a decision will be made on which design is chosen to replace the ASW/GP frigates.(Netherlands leads)and will be a class of 4(to start with,possibly an option for 2 more for the

Netherlands),shortly after that(thinking around May),the winning design for the new sub will be chosen,so busy times for the Dutch Navy.

Also an extra CSS(Combat Support Ship) will be build,and joining the Navy around 2021/22(decision has been made about that one)

Basically modernising 3/4 of our Navy.

Thanks I didn't realize the A26 was that far along, delivery scheduled for 2022, just in time to start building new subs for Canada!

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Re: Status on Victoria-class Submarines?
« Reply #551 on: January 26, 2019, 10:29:58 »
Unfortunately we 'upgrade' everything, even if that means it costs more in the long run.  We've done it with fighters, MPAs, and are doing it with the Victoria class. 

It is the Canadian way (based off the past "how we've done things" since...when CANEUR closed, or probably even before that!).
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