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Again - Mulroney's Legal Fees
« on: May 17, 2010, 16:40:37 »
ST..JOHNS (CBC) - The federal government has reimbursed Brian Mulroney's lawyers more than $1.8 million for his legal costs related to the public inquiry probing the former prime minister's financial relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber, CBC News has learned.
Documents obtained under the Access to Information Act show that Mulroney's lawyers billed the federal government a total of $1,803,841 for work pertaining to Mulroney's appearance last year before the commission headed by Justice Jeffrey Oliphant.

I think that when he sued the first time around the Liberals settled for a similar amount.  Now they took another swing at him and it cost us as much again.  Despite the stories concerning Chretien profiting from business dealings in Quebec the Conservatives have left it alone.  The liberals took 2 shots at Mulroney and failed.  They simply proved he has the ethics of a politician as opposed to a criminal.

It is unfortunate the Liberals are firing blanks and are looking for the big Conservative scandal when presenting themselves as competent managers with policies appealing to the voter might better do the trick.  The Liberals really don't like Mulroney but they love his lawyers.

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