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    Base closures?

    The fact that Quebec elected all those NDP members. The provinces that elect MPs of the governing party are gonna get the spoils. The ones that don't get the cuts. Hence why all those NDP MPs from Quebec are worried. Sarcasm all you want, tis your right.. We shall have to see. Okay.. this...
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    Base closures?

    Major bases? No.. but armouries and smaller stuff yes. Whatever's cheap to clean and can be sold for money. CFLRS would bring a big chunk of change cos it's riverfront property. CPCs are gonna look to punish Quebec. It may not be practical or make sense.. but it's politics. Politics rarely does..
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    Base closures?

    I think the NDP is nervous cos it'll be Quebec's turn to bear the brunt of it this time. Everything in Ontario is safe.. Politics... politics..
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    Two x new kitchens, eating messes for CFB Borden

    I don't get something here. The article states these new 2 facilities are to the replace the 4 facilities already there. Okay.. two new bigger messes to replace 4.. consolidation is cheaper and all that. But then the article states that of the existing 4 facilites, 2 will remain as messes. So...
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    Two x new kitchens, eating messes for CFB Borden

    Cool. The bigger messes were holes to work in.. in the 80s.
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    This dude needs to be made fun of...so I did.

    Oh gawd.. do not drink anything while watching this. Accidental spillage will occur! Mainly out the nose.. Bwahahahaha!!
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    You know the army is getting into your brain when...

    Nahh.. it doesn't feel like home if there isn't the smell of boot polish in the air. Or stuff isn't held together with gun tape.
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    Family-friendly postings

      I grew up in Borden.. it was great. The tranquility of rural life with Barrie 20 mins away and Toronto 1.5 hours away. Best of both worlds. Alliston is even closer with everything you need.  
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    The 'What If Canada Gets Attacked' Superthread

    Umm.. there's wishful thinking and then there's...
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    Question About Traffic Ticket On Base - "Fail to obey traffic sign - stop sign"

    Yes.. in order to activate that turn signal lever, they'd have to let go of their cell phones. Here in Ottawa there is only one rule of traffic.. 'Me first'. Everything else is optional.
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    Who will be the new Minister for Veteran's Affairs?

    Keeping pledges involves spending the money to back them up.. so I vote for just hot air.
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    Election 2011

    I've been crunching the numbers at 308.com.. great site.. and if you average out all the 4 latest polls, it shows that Quebec is REALLY skewing the national numbers. National with Quebec: CPC - 36.175 LPC - 23.475 NDP - 27.425   -A little under 10 point lead for the CPC. National...
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    Turmoil in Libya (2011) and post-Gaddafi blowback

    My bro in law just went over there to head up NATO's PR effort. I do not envy him his job.
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    Election 2011

    Initiatives for vets are great.. my father is one. But I'm positive that any money spent on these initiatives is going to come from cutting the CF budget. It won't be new money.