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    Enrolment offer email confusing

    Turned out to be just nothing, and was just a default note in the enrollment email. Thanks for the help anyway DAA.
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    Enrolment offer email confusing

    Today I got an offer for regular force Infantry, the email basically gave me the whole run down...enrolled in reg force infantry unskilled, gave me a date for swearing in and bmq but it said I will be enrolled upon completion of a medical exam. I had my medical, back in Feburary and as far as I...
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    Is anyone else applying for a support trade?

    http://www.11rca.ca/web_pdf/prep.pdf This, + read all the info about your trades and watch the video on forces.ca and that is all you will need.
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    Whatever happens, happens

    I feel where you're coming from man, my application just turned 15 months old. I applied while finishing up my grade twelve year and was pretty excited to hop into a career as exciting, stable and rewarding as the CF. Post secondary did not interest me one bit, and it was always my goal to join...
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    Selection Dates 2013-2018

    Any word on the big intakes for Infantry occur for the upcoming BMQs? (May 25th, June 15, July etc)
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    Family doctor reference

    I was told by recruitment staff that the individuals performing your reference checks will contact your references listed until they have deemed they have enough information. So if say reference 1 only gives some information but reference 2 fills in all the missing info that reference 1 could...
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    Family doctor reference

    I don't believe there are any questions asked pertaining to your physical health, even if you are using your physician as a reference. That stuff is all covered in the medical portion of the recruitment process. They are more questions based around your personal attitude, how you get along with...
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    Does anyone hear any further application progress after CFAT in Feb?

    +1 to this...the more time you have between your CFAT to Medical/Interview is more time that you can upgrade things like your education,work experience and physical health/fitness which are all things that will play an important role during your medical and interview when they eventually come..
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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    I'm hoping to get loaded onto this course...last time I called up my CFRC they told me my reference checks were still on going. That was about 3 weeks ago..and even two weeks before that people were telling me they received calls so heres to hoping I can make this course date. Good luck!
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    From my personal experience having a low CFAT score can mean you will either wait a long time for med/interview or they shut your file completely. My recruiter told me they will send your scores off to recruited HQ to determine if your scores are competitive enough to make it worth continuing...
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    Does anyone hear any further application progress after CFAT in Feb?

    It generally takes a long time to hear back for your interview/medical after your CFAT, and many different factors can play into how fast you hear back including CFAT scores, positions and processing needs. For me, It took almost 10 months after my CFAT to hear back. Heres a thread of...
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    Hey Everyone!

    Best of luck! You'll find lots of information and answers to any questions you may have on this forum regarding the CF and your application process. It has helped me quite a bit!
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    The Tyisking/Ceaser Super thread of FAQ

    Birth Certificate+Pass port+Drivers license all worked for me..you should have at least two of those
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    First Bolt-Action Rifle

    Like stated in this thread by recceguy, EE on CGN will have all of the guns mentioned in this thread plus more. It is an extremely active trading community. Theres plenty of online retailers too if you'd rather get a brand new gun.
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    First Bolt-Action Rifle

    If the offer for a 1000 dollar rifle is still valid, CZ 455 Bolt action .22 and a Ruger 10/22 semi will both be under 1000 together, no better .22s to learn how to shoot with the bolt and the semi actions