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    The different ranks in FAC and the promotion system

    Hello, I try to understand how to get a promotion in Canadian army since I will soon apply as Officer. I have a mechanical engineering bachelor. First, to be sure I well understand the system. At the beginning, I will be Officer Cadet. Then Second lieutenant. Then Lieutenant at the end of my...
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    Processus de recrutement, formation et affectation

    Bonjour, je viens de découvrir la section française du forum ! C'est beau le bilinguisme  [:D Tout d'abord, j'ai vérifié la plupart des posts en français et en anglais. Je suis allé me renseigner sur le site également. Cependant, j'ai quelques questions et besoin d'éclaircissement sur certains...
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    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    Yeah, I did. And I thought it may have a police information agreement between France and Canada. There is something like that between European Union countries. But I got it. I just need to wait and be patient.
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    Family&CAF + Other questions

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if it is hard to have a family in the CAF ? Because my wife is nurse, living in Montreal and I don't think she can move from base to base as she wishes. I read the training schools are in Quebec and Ontario. Will have I time to see her ? How can I deal with...
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    Enhanced Reliability Check (ERC) - Merged

    OK, are there more experiences ? how long does it last to verify our background ? Have something changed since 2012 ? I'm from France.
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    delete plz

    delete plz
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    Mechanical engineer student - Informations

    Hello, I'm a second year mechanical engineer student at Polytechnique Montreal and I would like to get informations about enrollment in canadian army. Actually, I'm permanent resident and I will get my citizenship in few months. Have I to wait after getting my citizenship to apply ? Otherwise...