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    Replacing the Subs

    Canada has definitely had people fail Perisher. Canada sends our perspective CO's on either the Dutch or Norwegian Perisher.
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    CH-148 Cyclone Progress

      That is one of the surface launch torpedo tubes.
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    Submarine Trades

    Yes Mar Techs are deployed on submarines and the can be posted to a boat on completion of the RQ OS phase of their training.  They can also spend their whole career in submarines.
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    Submarine Trades

    A lot will depend on what trade you are, not all trades are represented on subs.  There is also a submarine medical to pass.  DAOD 5003-7 is the reference. "Eligible CF members who wish to serve in submarines may make this known to their CO at any time. Career managers compile lists of CF...
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    Coveralls while at sea

    I have a solution for the OP if he really wants to wear coveralls as a rescue swimmer.  Go on a BSQ  and get qualified subs then he can be a rescue swimmer on one of the subs while wearing coveralls :skull: :sarcasm:
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    Status on Victoria-class Submarines?

      No the torpedo fired was not a Mod 7 it was a MK 48 mod 4M, I should know as I was her TI at the time. As to the "extensive modifications" that were rewired to the torpedo tubes there have been very few changes to the weapons discharge system and the only big change was the swap out of the...
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    Navy thermals no longer available?

      The new thermals are 100% COTTON.  I cannot understand who would think that cotton thermals make sense in a maritime environment.  Most of the time that I end up wearing them it is both cold and wet.  Cotton looses all thermal properties when it gets wet.  There are better materials out there...
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    Things to do in Australia ?

    Wine Wine and more Wine.
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    Halifax Accommodations and Things To Do Thread [merged]

    As far as donairs are concerned Robert's Donairs in Dartmouth are the best in town all though Venus is pretty good too.  Have fun on BSQ and I might run into you as I am headed there on Jan 6th for my CSEC?COW course at CFNOS subs as well.
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    Submarine Trades

    I am not completely certain but I believe NavComs still need to be QL5 qualified before they come to subs.  As to what the boats are doing WINDSOR is currently the only boat on the east coast right now and she is getting ready for her camber dive and trial right now.  VICTORIA just got back from...
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    Damage Control Room on a warship

    It is in the Sr Rates Mess on the subs
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    Submarine Trades

    It could slow you down a little bit, since you would have to do a BSQ course and and sail to finish off your bsq ojt along with an AMOC qualification.  However VICTORIA has had a few OS Mar Engs onboard during this RIMPAC deployment and all of them seem to have enjoyed it.  As for the travel...
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    Honours & Awards (merged)

    You may find that there are quite a few sailors that have the CPSM with out a corresponding UN/NATO medal for service off the coast of Haiti in 93 and 94 for OP Fwd Action.  Most of the ships tours on station were too short to qualify any medal.
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    HMCS Charlottetown taking greenies

    The guardrails are folded down so that the gun will not shoot them at max depression. To fold them down is fairly easy all that happens is a pin is removed from the base and they fold down. As to your other question there is a rubber muzzle cove that goes over the end of the flash suppressor an...
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    Cooks & Submarine Service

    The jr cook billet on VICTORIA is currently filled by a LS and I have seen many LS over the last few years on boats so the possibility is good that you could go but be prepared to learn a lot of stuff outside of the cook world since everyone has to qualify boats first.