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    PSC Question

    Hello everyone, quick question. My case manager is not around until next week so maybe someone here can provide some insight. Long story short, my case was red zoned and I was supposed to be sent for diagnosis. In addition, gathering some sworn statements for my claim. However, today my claim...
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    TCAT-PCAT info and questions ( merged )

    Does a PCAT disqualify someone from PLQ where the member is no longer in trade specs for multiple categories (V G H etc)?
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    Component Transfer (CT) - Regular to Reserve [MERGED]

    I've been living it for over 7 months, I get what it's like and I don't want anything to do with it any more. Anyways, thanks for the above links I'll check them out.
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    Component Transfer (CT) - Regular to Reserve [MERGED]

    Hello there. I'm going to get right to the point. For various reasons, personal and professional, I've decided that I can't be happy and stay where I am. I want to live with my soon to be fiance and go to college and have somewhat of a life... Versus getting drunk every night in the shacka and...