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    Is Infantry still a good career choice for a family man?

    Thank you daftandbarmy!
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    Is Infantry still a good career choice for a family man?

    I agree- a relationship takes work whether a spouse is in the military or not. 26 years together and still going strong. Hardest parts? The many Deployments to Bosnia and Afghanistan due to the worry and anxiety on my part. I turned into a news junky who slept with the laptop on and the phone...
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    Free Education

    My family is quite intrigued by the possibility of some college level training upon my husband's release. With 26 years of service it's been awhile since DH has been in school, though! Might be a shocker to sit with a bunch of 19 year olds. See attached Fact Sheet from the Budget. It says living...
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    Wow! I admire your tenacity trying to figure this all out. However, there are so many other things to consider too. For example- the opportunities to advance, learn, lead and gain work experience can differ.  But in both res and reg you will add to your resume, learn resilience and flexibility...
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    Pay for mid Feb

    Hubby had the money put into the account on Saturday but then when I checked things out today the date says Tuesday 16th. So maybe some banks went ahead on Saturday due to Family Day today in Ontario and others are waiting??