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    pmq valcartier

    merci de la reponse et pourrais -tu me dire combien environ en pieds mesure un terrain de pmq en ranger                                                               merci
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    pmq valcartier

    allo     j'aimerais avoir une idee du prix mensuel pour le gaz et l'electriciter  des duplex  (3-4 chambres )     et des maison en ranger (3-4 chambres) des pmq a valcartier     et aussi environ quel grandeur sont les terrains                                                                ...
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    PMQ's Regulations?

    Anyone know about Valcartier ????????????????
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    Valcartier Thread- Merged

    I am curious to know how much the average cost of heat and lights are for the PMQ's in Valcartier (duplex 3-4) and (Row house 3-4) are per month and what size the front and backyards are like. Thanking anyone with info in advance.
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    Supplements on BMQ (merged)

    Like it was posted before......  When you get to st-jean your instructors will take the vitamines and suppliments from you and give them back at the end of the course. I have been at the school for 3 years and It has not changed yet. :)
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    Basic Training PT

    You will do 3,5,8k runs.
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    DO they ever return your phone calls from the recruiting center?

    It depends on the recruiting center and the person in there that you are talking to.
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    is st.jean a canadian forces base?

    Try this. http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/english/site/index_e.asp
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    Personnel Numbers

    Why do you want know this???
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    Anyone know if more names drawn for April BMQ (REGS)?

    With that attitude you will do fine. Good luck
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    Anyone know if more names drawn for April BMQ (REGS)?

    Well if they already told you that you will be going RCR then I guess that this is where they need the guys. If you want to go PPCLI then you will have to do a rebadge later.
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    Anyone know if more names drawn for April BMQ (REGS)?

    Not to bust your bubble,but you got the call to do your BMQ and you are looking at going infantry with the RCR's. When and (if) you finish the BMQ you will be sent to either PPCLI or RCR battle school (which ever is in higher demand) Then you have to pass the battle school which is a lot harder...
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    Ive eaten them in gagetown.
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    Anyone know if more names drawn for April BMQ (REGS)?

    Good luck on your course and maybe I will see you around.
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    This might be of some interest. http://www.mreinfo.com/imps.html