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    infanterie ou artillerie

    Merci beaucoup Patrick, Bonne chance a toi aussi et au plaisir de ce voir en Garnison a valcartier
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    ah ok it's making sense now  ;D
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Kyle, they ask you to do a PT in CFRC of montreal ??
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    soldat de Blinde...
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    infanterie ou artillerie

    Felicitation RAMDAK jte verrai a Valcartier une fois sur place d'ici quelque mois. Patrick, pour repondre a ta question: a mon premier enrolement jai attendu a peu pres 8 mois, pour mon reenrolement sa auras pris 2ans et demi mais j'ai entendu dire que c'etais normal :P
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    My situation -

    OK, First let me explain you something...you need a minimum of credit to apply in de CF even for a job like infantry, you will be doing a aptitude test so you have to be studying to pass it , so if you dont even want to do the effort to finish your highschool...its kind of Contradictory you...
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    Regimental nicknames of the Canadian Forces

    Like this one if you read french  Douzième rangée de beaux caves: from "12 RBC
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    Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

    Recruiting Center: Vancouver Regular/Reserve: Reserve Officer/NCM: Officer Trade Choice 1: infanterie Trade Choice 2:Artilery Trade Choice 3:soldat de blinde Application Date: mars, 2011 First Contact: mars, 2011 Aptitude Completed: April , 2011 Interview Completed: succes Medical Completed...
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    Differences in Application Process- Regular and Reserves

    Heum.... Seriously I think the best way to know this will be to call you're CFRC and ask to speak with an recruter... Sorry for this but it's the only way to get the good anwser.
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    Quelle est la date du prochain QMB ???

    ???    sa dit tout  ;D
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    BMQ - August 2011

    HI, I wont be at the BMQ for the 29th / but i'll be waiting for all those coming to GAGETOWN after this to start the armoured courses // there at the end of may, See you there  ;D
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    Differences in Application Process- Regular and Reserves

    Well done there you Go  ;D
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    réenrolement !!!

    Effectivement, j'approuve a 100% , dans mon cas ayans deja ma date cela ne me concerne plus vraiment il s'agit plus de donner la meilleur info possible a celui qui a ouvert ce topic  ;D Bon courage et patience.
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    info on date

    ok thank's to you, I'll be in the regular forces, and proceeding a re-enrolment....I'll be at my accermentation the 25 of may and i'm at gagetown for the 30  :-\