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  1. LittleBlackDevil

    CIC Interview

    There used to be an excellent thread on the CIC application interview here: CIC Interview https://army.ca/forums/threads/47190.0 The link now appears broken, which is unfortunate because it had great information. I just scheduled my CIC interview today and was hoping to re-read that thread...
  2. LittleBlackDevil

    Kenosha Shooting - split from The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    I would strongly disagree with saying "two people were murdered" based on the evidence I have seen. The cellphone video that shows the shooting, shows Rittenhouse clearly running away from/fleeing a number of people. He falls to the ground -- it is impossible to tell from the video whether he...
  3. LittleBlackDevil

    September Training

    A significant update from the Formation Commander, BGen Cochrane regarding training in September and beyond...
  4. LittleBlackDevil

    Cadets Cancelled Until 31 August 2020 (at least)

    As I predicted back in late March, the plug has been pulled on Cadets for the year:
  5. LittleBlackDevil

    Seeking Ideas for "Scenarios of Problems" - Teaching M203.06

    I'm going to be teaching the class M203.06 - Employ Problem Solving this week; this will be my first time teaching a cadet class. The Instructional Guide mentioned a couple of times, as a training aid, "Scenarios of Problems". There is no such thing in the Instructional Guide or QSP. So I take...
  6. LittleBlackDevil

    My CIC Application Odyssey

    I've searched and found a number of threads talking about various peoples' journeys and how long it takes, the process, etc., but nothing CIC related more recent than 2015. So I thought I'd share my own odyssey as an example, to seek advice where appropriate, and to perhaps give some ideas of...
  7. LittleBlackDevil

    Appropriate Discipline Techniques for Cadets

    Since I was never in Cadets myself and am many months away from getting any CIC training (my medical at CFRC Hamilton is next week), I have no idea what appropriate/acceptable discipline techniques. I've only really seen two examples: 1. At recent range day, the Range Officer did the...
  8. LittleBlackDevil

    Being a Good Officer/CI/CV

    Hi all: I got my approval from the Army Cadet League of Canada to start as a CV, and I intend to hit the ground running next week. The corps I'm with is extremely understaffed. I was able to snag the CO for a 15 minute meeting in-between other meetings and duties, and basically going to be the...
  9. LittleBlackDevil

    CIC Officers Wearing Cap Badge from Former Regiment?

    Hello all -- first time poster here, although I've lurked for a bit and benefitted from some of the very helpful posts here. I'm currently in the process of applying to be a CIC officer. All my paperwork is in, just waiting for the 6-12 months I've been told it will take for me to actually be...