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  1. GreyWarden

    Heading to Bold Eagle next month!

    Heading to Bold Eagle next month!
  2. GreyWarden

    Lying on Medical

    Tell your friend that he needs to be honest, no matter what. They can and will be dishonorably discharged if found out. I have ADHD and declared this. It's better to tell the truth than to lie. I know having to get paperwork filled out can be a drag but it honestly looks so much better on you...
  3. GreyWarden

    Joining army reserves, to try military life then enrolling with different branch

    I recommend trying one of these camps out first. https://www.canada.ca/en/army/services/bold-eagle.html Were you in cadets at all? That would've given you good experience I'm sure.
  4. GreyWarden

    Build me for Special Forces

    Dude... I just had an interview yesterday with someone who is a part of his team. It seems he has teams from all over the world who work for him. I was told I’d need to pay 350$ a MONTH on a 12 month contract, which if you multiply 350 with 12, you get 4200. That doesn’t include GST, the cost of...
  5. GreyWarden

    Just Wanted to Say Hello

    Honestly I’m trying to prepare myself before I start mine up again. In 2017 I did a summer military course called Bold Eagle, and I was doing pretty well (at least on the written tests, got the best mark in my platoon on our first test) until my ankle started giving me issues. I was sent home...
  6. GreyWarden

    Just Wanted to Say Hello

    Well, I haven’t touched mine yet for a while, I’m aiming to try to do Bold Eagle for next year. They accept applications in September so I’m going to do it right away in hopes it guarantees me a spot again. How about you?
  7. GreyWarden

    Just Wanted to Say Hello

    Hello friend! Glad to hear things have been going quickly for ya! I’m wishing you the best.
  8. GreyWarden

    Anyone else feel like the spotlights on them?

    Oh yeah, I definitely I know how you feel. I think it's because people really see the honor in it, though. That and not a lot of people like physically challenging things, or being yelled at. I feel like everyone I know has their eyes on me after I tell them my ambitions. I'm wanting to go for...