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  1. ab136

    2nd HLTA

    This is an old post so not sure if anyone will get this or not but..........what is the current HLTA specs? ie. number of days in theatre to get one HLTA and number of days in theatre to get a second HLTA? Thanks All
  2. ab136

    Primary Leadership Qualification Course (PLQ) Mega thread

    Anyone have info on a PLQ running in St. Jean Feb-Mar?
  3. ab136

    TCP and IC Calculations

    Not exactly what I was looking for. I guess I should have put in more detail. Does anyone know how civilian qualifications are accredited for TCP and IC?
  4. ab136

    TCP and IC Calculations

    Does anyone know how the TCP and IC's are calculated? I have heard soooooo many stories of people with similar qualifications getting vastly different TCP and IC's.  Is there a standard of some sort? I have read CFAO 49-4 and searched the best "I" can and I have found nothing of the sort. Is it...
  5. ab136

    ED Tech questions

    Only and I repeat ONLY if the said trade is understrengthed at the time of enrollment. If this statement is not correct, please relay the Canforgen cause I got screwed!!!!!!!!!
  6. ab136

    ED Tech questions

    "You may also be eligible for a money incentive for prior learning within our trade "Please explain?????
  7. ab136

    Primary Reserve ED Tech in SW Ontario?

    Reg Force ED-Tech here as well.  Just brand new to the CF; well a year anyway.  I have my 3's and a few years on the streets.  I don't know all the answers but I can try..... ;D
  8. ab136

    Personal car at Basic, or other courses? [MERGED]

    That pic just made me throw-up a little bit :blotto:
  9. ab136

    Looking for CF drill/parade video

    Surf around this site I think you might find something. http://www.cflrs.forces.gc.ca/site/soyez_prets/index_e.asp
  10. ab136

    To excited to wait for the surprise!

    Almost made it seem like volunteering for jail time. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  11. ab136

    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    Thanks guys, Just one item on a long list of things I am worrying about. This recruiting thing is very stressfull ;D
  12. ab136

    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    Thanks for the info camochick.  I am a little worried about her ???
  13. ab136

    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    I was told when I received my call with the offer and again when I enrolled.  Is that unusual?
  14. ab136


    I have never done this before so here I go........try a search. You'll come up with more information than you can handle. WoW!! That felt pretty good!
  15. ab136

    BMQ final PT test

    Thanks for clearing that up 23007! An "out loud" definite answer :salute:
  16. ab136

    Thanks kincanucks!

    I'll definitely drop by Armyvern.  And thank you for the info on Gagetown.
  17. ab136

    Thanks kincanucks!

    Not sure if you read any of my posts over the last month or so?  I did finally get an offer for as Air Force ed-tech.  My BMQ starts Oct 23.  I will then be posted, the end of January, to Gagetown. Thanks for putting up with all the asinine PM's I sent over the last year or so.  You are a great...
  18. ab136

    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    Our Golden is 7.  She is the anti-Golden. Everything they are suppose to be, she is not. Very much a loner.  Sometimes she will just disappear in the house....some quite time for herself I guess.  So quite most times you don't even know she is in the room with you. She is very protective and...
  19. ab136

    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    Ah yes Fireworks.  A specialty of our dog, she becomes a 65lb lap dog. Thanks Bruce.
  20. ab136

    The Gagetown Thread- Merged

    I will be posted to Gagetown after BMQ finishes in January, if everything goes good *crossing fingers and toes*.  I have a very nervous Golden Retriever.  This may be a silly question but I have to ask. When living in PMQ's in Gagetown can you hear gun fire or explosions. If so then I may have...